Who’s The Better Roommate?

who's a better roommate phoebe or monica

How great would it have been to have one of the Friends cast mates as your actual roommate? We delve into that very question and came up with a list of pro’s and con’s of living with Phoebe and Monica. Which one would you want as your next roommate? Phoebe or Monica?

Phoebe Pro’s

  • Phoebe will have your baby for you.
  • You have a pretty good chance of getting a free back massage if you ask really nicely.
  • She can help you cast a love spell to get over your ex.

Monica Pro’s

  • You have an in-house chef.
  • Chandler will probably be hanging around all the time. He is so hot!

Phoebe Con’s

  • You will have to listen to her practice her “Smelly Cat” song over and over.

  • If Phoebe’s twin comes over you will get so confused and run into your room crying. They are just SO identical.
  • She takes in stray pets a lot without getting them checked at the vet first.

Monica Con’s

  • You will never be allowed to move anything in the apartment without getting yelled at.
  • You will probably gain weight from eating all the delicious food Monica cooks.
  • You will have to deal with being put in the middle of those awkward family squabbles since Ross will be hanging out with your crew.

phoebe vs monica friends roommates

Well there you have it folks, now who would you choose to live with?    

Moving into a Verona, WI Apartment


There are oodles of amazing apartments in Verona. Many of them are helpfully located near Epic.  

 Have you heard of Prairie Crest?

 Prairie Crest Apartment Homes are located in a serene country setting one mile south of downtown  Verona and minutes away from HWY 12 and 18 (the "Beltline") near Madison's west side. Prairie Crest is convenient to all of Verona's and Madison's shops, banks, theaters and restaurants.

 Don't you feel relaxed just looking at this picture of it? 

 In case you are looking to move soon we have some moving hacks for you. Remeber the faster you move the faster you can eat pizza!


5 Moving Hacks

#1 Use a hair tie over both door handles and across the lock to make sure you don't get stuck outside.

#2 Visit local grocery stores and see if they are willing to give you their old boxes. FREE is always good. 

#3 Cut holes in the sides of boxes to create hadles and make boxes easier to carry. 

#4 Pack a first night bag. Remember, it is going to be hard to find what you need after you are tired from moving. Make sure everything you need right away is all in one place. 

#5 Pack Jewelry in an old egg carton. Just make sure it is all clean first. :)


Verona Apartments

We hope these hacks have helped you. If you are looking for more Verona Apartment options, try these:



Scenic Ridge Apartments

Hometown View

MurrayGlen Townhomes   





Yoga Studios Near Madison Apartments

This photo “yoga”, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License ( Photo found on Flickr at © 2005, Evan Lovely. Wording added.


Summer time is a great time to try something new! Madison is full of yoga studios so we thought we’d gather a few for you to try. Many studios have promos for new students too! Make sure to take advantage. All of these studios are near our apartments for Rent in Madison, WI.


1. Inner Fire Yoga

Inner Fire has convenient locations on both the west side of Madison and downtown near campus.  It features hot yoga classes and seeks to motivate you create a life of balance, strength and inner peace.

DEAL - $30 for unlimited yoga for your first month


2. The Studio

The Studio is located downtown Madison on Williamson street and their newest location is on the west side of Madison on High Point Road. The Studio offers a variety of yoga classes, including barre, as well as conscious living discussions. Beginners are warmly welcomed!

DEAL - $30 for two weeks unlimited Yoga, Yoga Barre, Yoga TRX and Yoga Strong

(Only valid for Wisconsin residents or students with a Wisconsin student ID) 


3. Dragonfly Hot Yoga

Dragonfly has locations in both Fitchburg and Middleton. Dragonfly specializes in hot classes and provides an assortment of options including vinyasa flow, fire (aerobic yoga), prenatal (unheated yoga), and barre classes. Check their website for specials!

DEAL - $40 one month unlimited yoga


4. Springdale Yoga

Springdale Yoga is a calming oasis built on a 100-year-old farm off Hwy PD in between Verona and Mount Horeb. They offer a variety of yoga and mediation classes for both beginners and advanced students.

DEAL - $25 for unlimited yoga for your first two weeks


5. Kula Yoga & Wellness

Kula Yoga is built on the principle of community and aims to inspire your life both on and off the mat. There are locations in both Cottage Grove and Monroe Street in Madison. There is a class for everyone here such as yin yoga, aerial, barre, and special classes for kids and tweens!

DEAL - $25 for unlimited yoga for your first two weeks

Easy Pasta Dishes to Make in Your Madison Apartment

Whether you love to cook or love finding easy recipes, this blog post is all about simple pasta dishes to make in your Madison Apartment. 

Easy Pasta Dishes to Make in Your Madison Apartment from Madison Apartment Living

Cleaning Tips for Apartments in Madison

We can all agree that cleaning can be a hassle and not everyone’s favorite thing to do. This YouTube video provides clever cleaning tips that will keep all the apartments in Madison clean! Did you know you can clean your sponge by microwaving it? Have you tried dusting your blinds with a damp dryer sheet to get them clean and prevent more dust from building up? Watch the video below for the rest of the tips!


What are some of your best cleaning tips? Let’s hear them! Comment on our Facebook or Google+ page. 

10 of the Best Brunch Spots Near Madison Rentals

Whether you are going to brunch to meet up with friends, try a new restaurant, or cure that nasty hangover, brunch is one of the most glorious meals. Lounging and relaxing on the weekends is must when our lives move so quickly. That's why Madison Apartment Living has put together their list of the 10 best brunch spots near Madison rentals. Enjoy! 

10 of the Best Brunch Spots Near Madison Rentals


Brunch Location Links: 












Dog Parks Near Madison Rentals

Madison Rentals Near Dog Parks | Madison Campus & Downtown Living |


Do you live in one of the dog friendly Madison rentals? And do you come home to a very excited dog after work? You are in luck! There are many great dog parks in the Madison area for you and your pup to get some exercise. Below we listed 5 of our favorites but you can find more dog park facilities here as well.

1.Prairie Moraine

1970 Cty Hwy PB, Verona, WI, US 53593

This beautiful park is located in Verona and has both off-leash and on-leash areas. People boast that this park as one of the finest in Dane county so be sure to check it out!


2.Sycamore Dog Park

4517 Sycamore Park, Madison, WI 53714

Conveniently located on the East side near several Madison Rentals this is an off-leash park. It is spacious and there is also a fenced off area for puppies and older dogs!


3.Quann Park

1802 Quann-Olin Parkway, Madison, WI 53713

This off-leash dog park is adjacent to the Alliant Energy Center. This is one of the few centrally located dog parks and great for Madison renters downtown.


4.Sun Prairie Exercise Area

S. Bird Street, Sun Prairie, WI

Another off-leash dog park located on S. Bird Street in Sun Prairie. Before you head here be aware that this is a not a fenced in exercise area.


5.Ed Tallard Park

8780 Airport Rd., Middleton, WI 53562

Dogs are allowed on-leash in this Middleton Park right off of Airport Road. There is also an off-leash exercise area adjacent to Ed Tallard Park for your dog run around!

Holiday Decorating for Madison Apartments


The Holidays are just around the corner and decorating a small space can be tricky. If you are living in one of the many beautiful Madison apartments this holiday season this video is a must see!

Better Homes and Gardens offers ideas on how to make the most of your space.  They have ideas on how to decorate an entry way and doorways along with suggestions on which size tree to choose. View this video and have fun transforming your apartment into a winter wonderland!


Decorating Your Madison Apartment

Whether you’re just moving into your Madison apartment or you’re giving your apartment a facelift this video will give you ideas on how to make the most out of your space. Facts@Web offers tips to make your space appear bigger than it is, great ways to make storage stylish, and furniture solutions. Did you know that there is such thing as a an ironing board mirror? Or have you considered replacing your traditional grill with an open and close grill pod? For that and more great ideas watch below!


10 of the Best Bars to Watch The Packers Near Apartments in Madison

Whether you live in one of the many apartments in Madison or in the area, we have you covered! View our list of 10 great Packer Bars. Go Pack Go!